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Welcome to Sassy's Designs. Come on in and have a look. I have made a few changes to the forum. I now am offering WWO which will be in the gallery area. Just click on gallery look for the folder WWO Offers. There is 2 offers up. Thank you Sassy's Designs

I am looking for 2 or 3 people to CT for me. I have a Manager and she will handle everything. I will not require alot.. I am going to try to produce 2 kits a month or more as time allows. If you are interested email me at The main group where you will get the download links for my kits is on FB. So you will need to add me as a friend and join the group. The page we have is for advertising. We are still setting things up and I'm sure there will be application to fill out. All details will be explained on the FB Group.


 SassyDebs Scraps TOU's (Revised 2-05-2016)

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PostSubject: SassyDebs Scraps TOU's (Revised 2-05-2016)   SassyDebs Scraps TOU's (Revised 2-05-2016) EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 3:27 pm

REVISED 2/05/2016

These TOU’s have been updated and override any previous TOU’s

I am a sign artist with Artistic Dreams Imaging. You do need an ADI license to use any of my tubes FTU or PTU.

General TOU’s for SassyDebs
My creations are for personal non profit use only. Unless otherwise stated.
- You may resize and colourize them to suit your needs but
-Don’t claim them as your own.
-Don’t change file names
-Don’t use parts of my kits to create other kits.
No sharing of my creations, direct people to my blog and/or site if you want them to have any
of my designs. No copyright need with my kit if used with another artist/designer artwork.

Tutorial writers
You’re welcome to use my designs in your tutorials,
I only ask that you always link back to the blog and/or site containing the supplies,
and don’t upload my designs yourself.

Please link back to the blog in question when sharing my designs, do not hotlink to the download link. I do sometimes add tubes to my kits so please read the TOU’s within each kit that has a tube. Do not repost any of my shares somewhere else. Don’t claim as your own. If you use a kit alone you must put my copyright on it. Or if there is a tube in it you must put there copyright on it.

SassyDebs Scrap Kits TOU’s (FTU & Past PTU)

Scrap Kits FTU & Past PTU
You will see a preview of all of my PAST PTU kits here, but in order to download it you will need to visit Artistic Dreams Imaging. This is for all PTU kits that were on Artistic Dreams. My blog kits are always FTU but all are for Personal Use Only!!! You still have to use your ADI license if used alone or with an ADI artist. You may create cluster frames, layouts and such from any of my kits, shares and so on. They can only be for Personal Use Only. If you do make something from designs please send it to me with a link back to your blog where it can be downloaded. I will post the previews and link back to your blog here on mine. My kits can be used with any artist. When allowed a credit to me would be greatly appreciated. All kits are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! Do not claim as your own, give credit where do. Thank you.

SassyDebs Mask Freebies
All of my mask here you can just click on to get full size and save. They are free to use, but don’t directly link to my mask. Ask them to visit my blog to get the mask. You may not re-post it as a freebie someplace else. You may use in tutorials, all I ask is that you give credit to me in TOU’s and in your tutorial.

SassyDebs FTU and Freebies
PERSONAL USE ONLY!!! All of my single FTU and Freebies (Templates & Elements) are yours to use free. For PERSONAL USE ONLY!! Unless otherwise marked.

You may create your own scrap kits from my freebies for PERSONAL USE ONLY AND TO OFFER AS A FREE SCRAP KITS. If you make kits from my creations please send me a preview and a link to your blog. I will post here on my blog. Don’t use more than 50% of my freebies in one kit. If it is marked PU that means  PERSONAL USE ONLY.

May Not’s
You may not sell any of my FTU or Freebies as singles, group or as a kits of your own. You may not re-post it and offer it as your work. It is copyrighted by me SassyDebs. A link back to my blog is much appreciated.

SassyDebs FTU Textures TOU’s
All of my textures that are labeled FTU you can use for personal use.

You must make something from them. You cannot offer them as is. Must link back to my blog.

May Not’s
You may not offer them as your own work or as is when you get them. You may not share them with anyone.

Other Information
I also have permission from several other artists to use their tubes in my scrap kits. Their TOU’s will be included in each kit they are included in. Please read them!!! If there is no TOU's for the artist in the kit please come here on the blog to read them.

I reserve the right to revise any and all TOU’s without notice. I reserve the right to revoke any permission to any one person who don’t follow the TOU’s.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please show some luv by leaving comments on what you snag.

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SassyDebs, Sassy's Designs, Sassy or Debs

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SassyDebs Scraps TOU's (Revised 2-05-2016)
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